ScoopFree™ Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Second Generation 


Global pet product expert, PetSafe® Brand is launching a new self-cleaning litter box, the ScoopFree™ Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Second Generation, an upgraded version of its hero product, the ScoopFree™ Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box. 

The updated model (RRP £168.99) features a sleek neutral grey design that reflects modern home décor trends and a health counter that tracks how many times cats have used the box, helping alert owners of possible health issues. This and a new covered ScoopFree™ model (RRP £197.99), which includes a cover for added privacy, demonstrate the commitment PetSafe® has to developing waste management products that put customer convenience front and centre. 

Like the original version, the ScoopFree™ Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Second Generation is the only self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays to provide hands-off convenience and a clean, fresh smell. It works by using an automatic rake system that sweeps cats’ waste into a covered compartment 20 minutes after the box is used. Safety sensors detect when cats have left the box, which starts the timer for the automatic cleaning cycle. 

The box uses premium crystal litter which provides five times better odour control than traditional clumping litter and being 99% dust-free, it helps keep owners’ floors clean as it doesn’t stick to cats’ paws. Packed in a convenient disposable litter tray with leak-proof plastic lining, each replacement tray lasts up to 30 days (based on one cat).

Additional features of the ScoopFree™ are that it has a powerful, yet quiet motor and comes with a power adaptor with a 1.8 m cord.

Both models are available to order now through pet wholesale distribution channels or via PetSafe® Brand directly (