Scruffs® introduces new pet feeding and drinking solutions 


Manchester-based luxury pet lifestyle brand Scruffs® have confirmed they are launching a new range of pet feeding & drinking solutions this Spring. They talk us through the range here…

Manchester-based luxury pet lifestyle brand Scruffs® have confirmed they are launching a new range of pet feeding & drinking solutions this Spring. They talk us through the different options here…

A spokesperson for Scruffs®, said: “Scruffs® have been an industry leader in fashionable and functional pet bedding for over 16 years. The same principles that we’ve put into bedding have now been applied to the pet feeding and drinking category, to create what we feel is the most comprehensive and authoritative ranges of pet bowls on the market.

We have studied the feeding and drinking habits of every size and breed of dog, cat and small animal to determine the optimal size, shape and function for food and water bowls for each of those pets to comfortably and happily eat or drink from.  We’ve also looked how pet owners interact with their pets when serving up food and drink and made the bowls as comfortable and easy to handle as possible. As usual, we’ve then considered fashion and how the bowls will fit into our interior décor schemes in terms of shape, colour, and finish.”

Scruffs® will launch the following types of pet bowls during the Spring: 

Straight sided food bowls

Straight sided provide stability and ae very difficult to tip over. From 8cm to 25cm diameters, the bowls have been sized to perfection, providing the correct heights and capacities for specific sizes of pets.

Water bowls

Scruffs® water bowls have been specifically designed for dogs to drink from with optimal comfort. Dogs’ tongues curl backwards when drinking, lifting water into their mouths like a ladle. Many pet owners think that food bowls can be used as water bowls, but low sided drinking bowls do not provide the depth needed for dogs to curl their tongues back with comfort, which is why we gave our water bowls the height they need. 

Food/drink saucer

Cats suffer from whisker fatigue if their cheek and chin whiskers are continuously pressing against bowls when drinking. Our cat saucer is just 3cm high, which allows whiskers to avoid sidewalls when drinking.

Long eared dog bowls

The Long-Eared Dog Bowl tapers in at the top, preventing long ears from drooping into the bowl, keeping them dry of water and clean of food.

Flat faced pet bowls

Our Flat Faced Pet Bowl is for brachycephalic breeds of dog (dogs with flat faces), such as pugs, French and English bulldogs.  Flat faced dogs generally have reduced airways which can lead to problems breathing, especially when eating. With a regular flat-bottomed bowl, flat faced dogs have to move their noses against hard walls, making it difficult to breathe.  If they inhale air while eating, they can suffer from bloat, indigestion, choking, vomiting or even excessive wind.

Our bowls raise the feeding surface, bringing it further towards the dogs, and the curved surface inside the bowl means that noses don’t get pushed against a wall, keeping airways free and helping to prevent bloat, indigestion, choking, vomiting and flatulence!

Scruffs® will also introduce a new “My First Bowl” range and a “Scandi” range, which is designed to add a sense of elegance to the category.

My First Bowl

The 13cm food bowl is the perfect size for kittens, puppies, rabbits, and Guinea pigs and is the perfect welcome to new pets into the home. We know that children have a massive influence on the purchasing decision when bringing a pet home for the first time, so we have selected subtle pink and blue tones as well as a neutral light grey to appeal to all. 

Scandi Bowls

Our Scandi range has been widely influenced by Nordic designs and lifestyles. Using clean, simple lines with a flared base, we have created a functional non-tip shape that looks modern and minimal. By the combining matt cream and grey glazes with a natural “Potter’s Clay”, we have taken the design element further to create a modern artisan look, so form really has been fused with function. Each Scandi bowl is also hand dipped, making each one unique. 

Please click here to view the new Scruffs® Pet Bowls Catalogue for 2022, which contains full information on our product launch.