Sniffe & Likkit takes aim at gifting market with two new products 


Sniffe & Likkit, the fast-growing British dog grooming and treats firm, has created two new SKUs to maximise gifting opportunities for retailers across all categories. Here, they tell us more about the products...

The new products tap into the fact that, with dogs being treated as an important and equal member of the family, they’re just as likely to be ‘gifted’ as anyone else. 

And it’s not just ‘pooch parents’ who are driving these sales. Strong anecdotal evidence from consumer events, as well as feedback from retailers, has highlighted just how many of Sniffe & Likkit’s sales were being generated by friends and family of dog owners.

So, with Mother’s Day and the Easter holidays set to trigger thousands of family and friend visits,  the firm felt it the perfect moment to create new gifting options. Easter is also the UK's second biggest present giving occasion, meaning the opportunity for these products is significant.

Inn The Dog House

The 'Inn The Dog House' (RRP £17.00) gift set features four of Sniffe & Likkit's signature products - including ‘Fragrant Fur Coat’ shampoo, a pack of ‘Wippets’ wipes, ‘Give a Dog a Cologne’ fragrance spray and a scented hanging sachet, ‘Scent Something Nice’.

Paw Kit Treat Tin

The second gift item is the 'Paw Kit Treat Tin' (RRP £10.00), a sturdy metal tin full of all-natural tasty snacks, made from a natural and healthy balance of sweet potato and chicken liver. Treats are currently a major driver in the UK dog food market and a significant contributor to value, as they typically command a price premium over everyday meals. The two products further boost the firm's gifting line-up - joining its ‘Scent-a-Message’ scented greetings cards, ‘Home Barking Kit’, ‘Woofpack’ travel bag and Christmas-themed stocking and 'Mutt Crackers’.

Lee Sargent, Co-Founder, said: “People love bringing gifts for a dog, especially if they think it’ll ‘miss out’ on a celebration or gifting occasion! It’s all part of the lovely humanisation of dogs and a recognition of just how important they are to a home. Gifting’s growing nicely for us, so expect further additions.”

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