Some Grub Unleashes Gut-Health Boosting Insect Dog Treats


The insect treats are now available to retailers through two wholesalers

New product news from Some Grub...

Some Grub, the trailblazers in planet-friendly dog nutrition, proudly announces the nationwide debut of their revolutionary treats range this January. 

Packed with gut-healthy insect protein and endorsed by pups nationwide, these cold-pressed treats are a leap towards tail-wagging joy.

Co-founder Ben Chapman declared 2024 was the “year that bugs go mainstream."

He said: “The taste test results are in. It’s clear, Britain’s dogs love bugs. Not only is insect protein a planet-friendly choice, it’s also more delicious than a cow’s backside.” 

“Most of all, we don’t want any dogs to miss out on the amazing health benefits of insects.”

Gut-boosting goodness

Some Grub’s treats contain a game-changing prebiotic called chitin which is naturally found in insects. Chitin feeds the good bacteria in the gut, supporting dogs’ overall energy, health and wellbeing. A happy tum means more solid poops and fewer smelly farts.

Beat meat allergies

Bugs are a hypoallergenic protein source, suitable for the growing number of dogs in the UK with meat allergies and intolerances.

Cut your carbon pawprint

While two-thirds of people in the UK say they are actively cutting their own meat intake, as a nation we are feeding our dogs more meat than ever. 

Recent research revealed that a medium to large dog on a raw meat diet has a carbon pawprint as significant as three family cars each year.*

Some Grub aims to give pet parents the health benefits of raw feeding with the convenience of dry, with a fraction of the environmental impact.

Insect protein creates 96% less carbon emissions per gram than beef.

Some Grub is on sale now through wholesalers Cotswold Fayre and Mahalo Supplies. The company is seeking retail stockists throughout the UK.

Why Insect Protein? It's a Game-Changer!

·  Nutritional Marvel: Mealworms bring more protein per gram than steak and boast more iron than spinach.

·  Brain-Boosting Goodness: packed with Omega-3 healthy fats to keep dogs’ brians happy and healthy.

·  Gut-healthy goodness: Some Grub’s grubs contain a revolutionary prebiotic that boosts good gut bacteria, aids digestion. That means less bloating, fewer smelly farts

·  Packed with nutrients - more protein per gram than steak and more iron than spinach

·  Eco-Friendly Impact: Some Grub's insect protein leaves a 96% smaller carbon pawprint than beef, making it a planet-friendly choice.

·  Easy on the tum: Easier for dogs to digest than chicken

·  Hypoallergenic - relieve meat allergy symptoms by switching to a novel protein source

Wellness for Dogs, Tailored with Love:

Each treat features a burst of functional goodness tailored for pet owners who cherish their dog's well-being.

·  Fresh Breath Bliss: Infused with parsley, peppermint, and spirulina, it’s a minty-fresh canine kiss.

·  Gut Booster: A powerful blend of prebiotics and turmeric aids digestion, reduces bloating, and keeps your pup energised throughout the day.

·  Calming Treat: Chamomile, passionflower, and chicory root bring calm to anxious dogs or those in need of a little relaxation.

At a glance, for retailers:

·  Insect-Infused Goodness: Crafted with mealworm and fresh veggies, Some Grub’s treats are a symphony of flavours that dogs can't resist.

·  Cold-pressed to lock in nutrients, these treats offer the best of both worlds – the convenience of dry treats with the benefits of raw.

·  Eye-catching, plastic-free packaging - Easy on the eyes; it's a commitment to sustainability that fits snugly in the pocket

·  Display Units Tailored for You: Counter-top display units aren't just display pieces; they seamlessly fit into pet shops, delis, farm shops, and dog-friendly cafes.

·  Available nationwide: through esteemed wholesalers Cotswold Fayre and Mahalo Supplies