The Pet IQ Twister


IQ toys provide fun physical and mental stimulation for your pet. Using challenging IQ toys exercise your dog's mind; reducing boredom and teaching problem solving skills. Redirecting potential destructive behaviour into a positive outlet.

With 10 separate chambers to hide treats, The Pet IQ Twister Toy is a great brain work out for dogs. The star design spins to reveal treats. Features anti-slip pads at the base of the toy. Use a dog’s favourite, smelliest treat to get them excited to play and learn! Best suited to dogs 6+ months.

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PPM reviews:

“The box is bright and clear, with the product well presented on the packaging, which include a clear window to see inside. This would look good in a shop area devoted to interactive toys, or within the toy/treat area.

The Twister could be used to serve the dog’s main meal, or to fill with tasty treats. It is well made, looks and appears durable, and easy to clean either under the tap or using a cloth. It is suitable for dogs of various sizes, though the dog chosen on the box is small/toy. We were testing the product with a standard schnauzer and cocker spaniel – both really enjoyed hunting for the treats!