Unipet launches new Suet 2 Go non-beef Eco pellets


New Honest 2 Nature Eco suet pellets will be made available to the trade from May 1st. They explain more about the new product here...

The new Eco suet pellets developed by Unipet, manufacturers of Suet 2 Go, have come about after two years of development and a £750,000 investment of new plant and technology. The new Eco suet pellets have replaced the beef fat content associated with regular suet pellets, and replaced with pure insect fats and insect protein.

The rational for the project was to look at other ways to develop new products for the Wild Bird feeding category that really create a sustainable product for the long term.

The trade is seeing supply issues with many products from China and the Far East, peanuts from the USA and South America, and sunflower and other seed products from eastern Europe, so there is more reason than ever to work and source closer to home.

The new Eco suet pellets are not seen as a replacement of the very popular beef suet, this is mainly due to the limited supply of the insect fats at the moment, however is seen as a good step in the right direction.

We have developed a strategic partnership with Protix, based in the Netherlands, and plan to increase our commitments going forward to allow further increased supply of the insect fat and protein to keep up with the expected demand for the new Eco suet pellets.

New Eco suet pellets will be available packed in two sizes, and non-plastic packaging, 1kg paper packs and a 12.75kg bulk box option.