Walker And Drake Cold Pressed


Walker and Drake is an exciting new range of Cold Pressed food for dogs that is made from the highest quality ingredients to keep those doggy tails wagging.

The meat and the majority of vegetables are sourced from British farms and quality producers, and the fish is sourced from traceable fisheries.

Walker and Drake recipes are easily digestible, grain and gluten free, promote good gut health, hypoallergenic, are great for joint care, contain no nasties and are gently pressed to preserve nutrients.

Cold Pressed dog food is pressed at a lower temperature of 40 - 44°C compared to ‘kibbled’ dry dog food which is extruded at a temperature of approximately 140°C and above. The end result is a naturally softer, denser, complete nutritious dog food which breaks down easier in the stomach. The lower temperatures are also the key to locking in natural enzymes and vitamins, as well as retaining fibre and molecular structures so that delicate ingredients such herbs and botanicals are not destroyed in the cooking process.

Walker and Drake is available in three tasty recipes, Duck, Ocean Fish and Chicken in attractive 2kg and 10kg bags made from recyclable materials. Other key ingredients include: Sweet Potato , Beet Pulp, Peas, Chicken Oil, FOS Inulin, Yeast Bio-Mos, Psyllium Husk Powder, Apple, Carrot, Tomato, Seaweed, Cranberry,  Flavour Bioflavex, Glucosamine, Fenugreek, Green Tea Extract, Fennel Seed, Blueberry, Yucca Schidigera, Chondroitin, Marigold Powder and Devils Claw Root.

Visit the website: www.walkeranddrake.com

 email: [email protected]

PPM review:

“The packaging is bright, very eye-catching, that looks fun and enticing to pick up. Cold press food is a growing trend, but perhaps still something that not all customers will be familiar with. The packets helpfully provide details on what this means and why choose it.

“The bags are 100% recyclable which appeals to the environmentally conscious shopper, and as a positive nod to the local independent retailer, the packaging also states: ‘deciding on where to sell our fab dog food was a no-brainer - your local pet store! Who better to advise you on the benefits of cold press? We believe that local pet stores have the level of knowledge, care and service that cannot be matched elsewhere!’”