Webbox Lick-e-Lix


Made with a soft yoghurt-like texture, Webbox Lick-e-Lix are the unique treat for your cat. Feed as a tasty treat, use as a topping or disguise crushed up tablets for your cat. These tasty and nutritious sachets make the perfect daily treat that your cat will simply adore!

They contain no artificial preservatives or colours, are kitten friendly and are wheat/grain free.

A new addition to the nation's favourite cat treat range, Webbox Lick-e-Lix Jelly is a new take on this scrumptious treat. Made with 35% fresh chicken meat in a moreish jelly and sweet potato which is rich in fibre to support digestion, Lick-e-Lix Jelly is a uniquely delicious treat for cats and kittens from 3 months. It is low fat and low calorie with no added sugar and no added preservatives or colours. It is also wheat free and grain free, making this a healthy tasty treat that your cat will love!

Finally, Webbox Lick-e-Licious is a deliciously indulgent soup treat, the latest addition to the Webbox range. Perfect to feed at any time as a tasty meal topper or a Lick-able snack or treat, Lick-e-Licious soup is made with 100% salmon fillet with real fish flakes and added veg which is sure to satisfy your fussy cats taste buds! There are also no artificial colours, preservatives, dairy or soya, making this a healthy low in fat tasty treat that your cat will adore! 

Available via Pedigree and Bestway.

PPM reviews:

“A trustworthy, household name for cat owners and loved by cats! It’s the sort of product you’ll buy time and time again, and our two cat testers go mad for it!

There are four flavours: salmon, cheese and taurine, liver sausage & cat grass, and milk and yoghurt. I love the packaging, which fun, contemporary and perforated for easy opening. Each treat (either in packs of five or seven) is wrapped in an easy tear packet, which allows a small drop to squeeze out and can be fed directly from the tube, or into a bowl. It’s a brilliant way to interact with your cat, so feeding by hand is often the preferred method.

“The Lick-e-Lix Jelly is almost identical in packaging (slightly smaller),  but the product itself slides out and arguable less messy (I wouldn’t say the originals are messy either). The soup product is a great idea, too. Something we used to add onto a dry complete food and made meals times more exciting for our cats.”