Webbox Naturals Dry Cat food


Webbox Naturals 100% complete food for cats now has 30% more chicken!

Their new and improved recipe is packed full of delicious meats and quality ingredients chosen with care. With added cellulose to help reduce hairball formation and prebiotic to support healthy digestion, plus the addition of taurine helps towards a healthy heart. With Webbox Naturals you can feed your pet as nature intended, and see the natural vitality shine through as you feed them the best you can give. 

Available via Pedigree and Bestway.

PPM reviews:

“A great dry food that was immediately eaten by our two cat testers. The kibble was gentle on their tummies, with plenty of information on the packaging to explain why this would be the case. Prebiotic fibres, vet approved, crunchy texture, hairball control, natural ingredients and no nasties are the top line selling points. The packet opens well, and has a seal to keep the food fresh.”