Woofpack – Pet, Set and Go


Sniffe and Likkit launches their Woofpack –Pet, Set and Go grooming kit.

Sniffe and Likkit has recently launched their Woofpack –Pet, Set and Go grooming kit which provides all the essentials you need when travelling with your dog, going on holiday or embarking on a nice long country walk or on the beach. It also provides an attractive edition to your bathroom providing you with everything you need to freshen up your dog in a convenient gift grooming bag.

Made in the UK, Sniffe and Likkit’s award-winning grooming range uses a 100% natural arometheraputic scent alongside natural, active and botanical ingredients that are vegan friendly and pH balanced for dogs skin and fur. 

The On the Go range of products included in the Woofpack include Give a Dog a Cologne, which is a fine fragrance inspired perfume mist, specially formulated with a wonder-fur blend of natural aroma-therapeutic essential oils, fur conditioning agents and botanical ingredients to refresh fur fast. This makes an ideal freshen-up for any pooch. It comes in a ‘mini’ 50ml size.

The Fragrant Furcoat 3 in 1 brightening & conditioning shampoo  is a fabulously fragrant, gently foaming wash specially formulated with mild cleansing agents and a powerhouse botanical blend of bark-friendly ingredients. Bonus built in brightening boosters and cationic conditioning agents help keep your dogs fur coat in tip-top canine condition. This is also included in the ‘mini’ 50 ml size.

Finally the Woofpack contains 4 of the  Whippets  Fast & Fragrant Paw-Kit sachets which are individually wrapped. Made with gentle cleansers and bark friendly ingredients – quillaja bark soap and white willow bark extract. Bonus soothing aloe vera leaf juice and Wiff Patrol odour neutraliser ensure these biodegradable paw-kit friendly cleansing cloths help wipe away a wiffy in a jiffy! RRP £24

For further information visit: www.sniffeandlikkit.com