Yora has launched a new range of sustainable treats made from insect protein.

The bedtime biscuits, training treats and protein bars are packed with nutritious grubs and will satisfy even the fussiest of dogs. The new protein bar is 50% insect and packed with nourishing botanicals, including beetroot and spinach, which have high vitamin and mineral levels to aid recovery during and after walks. Insects are a highly digestible protein, providing a great energy boost and the cold pressed rapeseed oil gives dogs a glossy coat.

Yora’s Dreamers bedtime biscuits contain valerian root, chamomile and lemon balm to help soothe your dog ready for a good night’s sleep. The grub meal provides just the right amount of protein and British oats will ensure a full tummy until breakfast time.

The Yora Rewards training treats are full of flavour and low allergen, providing a healthy treat to reward any deserving pooch. Yora’s sustainable credentials also extend to its packaging, which is fully compostable, and all of the new treats are hand-baked in sustainable, reclaimed woodchip ovens.

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