Ziwi Peak


Ziwi Peak has released two new flavours to its wet cat food range; hoki fish and mackerel, with whole prey recipes in authentic ratios.

A healthy and delicious choice for cats of all life stages and breeds. Both featuring a 92% meat-rich diet to match a cat’s biological needs. Wild-caught and sustainably certified, hoki fish are a rich source of protein, featuring a white flesh with delicate texture — a delicious option for even the most selective cats.

Wild-caught and sustainable blue mackerel are a dark and oily fish, loaded with essential omega-3. Like the rest of the Ziwi wet cat food range, both these new recipes are free from grain and high glycemic ingredients, such as potato or tapioca starch. With no artificial binders or preservatives, including TSPP, agar agar, gums or carrageenan. The range is BPA free.

The Ziwi wet cat food range includes mackerel and lamb, venison, lamb, rabbit and lamb, beef, chicken, hoki and mackerel.

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