A fresh new look for Hill’s Science Plan


Hill’s Pet Nutrition has introduced a fresh new look for Hill’s Science Plan dog and cat range. The updated range has a fresh new look with the same great nutrition.

A new pack design makes it even easier for pet parents to identify the variety of products available. The new design offers an updated look, with a strong pet image focus on the pack, perfectly suited to engage and connect with consumers. The update includes simplified, easy to understand product names to improve readability, as well as new kibble shapes, which are reflected in actual size on the packaging, essential, particularly for smaller breeds. To make the shopping experience even easier, clear flavour profiles and breed sizes are included on all bags.

The harmonised product range will also be in new optimise bag sizes for more convenient feeding for pet parents. Small and miniature, and mini dog foods have been combined into a new small and mini product, designed to cover the needs of all small dogs under 10kg.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition believes lifelong health starts with science, and through decades of understanding pet biology, Hill’s knows what dogs and cats need to live a long and healthy life. The biology based nutrition of Hill’s Science Plan has an optimised selection of ingredients and nutrients that gives pets exactly what they need at each life stage.