Arcadia begin 10 day teaser campaign for important new product


It's a global launch of a hugely important development

Today (14th November) sees top reptile care brand Arcadia Reptile start a 10 day ‘teaser campaign’ on all social media platforms which will lead animal keepers all over the world into a journey of discovery and unveil what is thought to be the most important and most vital new product, and indeed new brand release in the past two decades.

For the first time, Arcadia Reptile are orchestrating a truly global product release, supporting the trade and creating a sense of true excitement within the keeping community.

The brand will be using graphics, animations, and film, all set to release at the same time every day on all social media channels. Professional global design agency ‘Brand Britain’ has been tasked with helping to create visually stunning media, packaging and marketing alongside the in-house Arcadia Reptile team.

Further information regarding this game changing new brand and product range is available via Arcadia Reptiles parent company Monkfield Nutrition ltd from the 14th of Nov 2023. Please call the office for product details, merch and displays directly on 01223 208261.