Beaphar offers support to customers


With the level of uncertainty in so many areas at present, pet pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturer Beaphar wish to reassure its retailers.

A statement from Beaphar UK business manager Sue Huggett said: “These are unusual and uncertain times, and Beaphar thought a few words from suppliers might be welcome and help to settle at least some concerns that you may have.

“As has happened in the UK, the majority of European governments have designated businesses supplying pet foods and veterinary medicines as ‘key businesses’ for maintaining public health and well-being. This means all our production sites, both in the UK and The Netherlands, remain operational, as does our logistics partner.

“As you probably know, Beaphar has the health and well-being of its personnel at the heart of everything we do. And so, adjustments have been made across all aspects of the business to keep our workers safe so that we can continue to support the UK’s pets and support you, our retailers.”

It continued: “Where possible, all staff are now working from home, with only those essential to the production process remaining on-site. In terms of our production and distribution, adjustments have been made to our working practices to accommodate the Government guidelines concerning social distancing. Production schedules are also being monitored and adjusted daily to try and keep everything in stock.

“Our sales team will continue to call on you, but via phone. If they call at an inconvenient time, please just let them know and they will call back when things are calmer.

“Our customer service team is also on hand to answer questions and queries — they are still picking up calls and emails, but please bear with us if it takes just a little longer to answer a particular enquiry.

“Should you have questions or concerns, please contact your usual sales executive, or email us at or visit our website.”