Covid changing attitude to pet trade salaries, says recruiter


Lynda Ward, owner and founder of pet industry’s recruitment specialists Pet Trade Solutions believes that covid-19 has impacted on salaries in the industry.

She says: “The Covid pandemic has altered attitudes to salaries. Traditionally, salaries for field sales personnel in the pet trade were far lower than their peers in grocery and medical trades. We saw an uplift in 2019 and now salaries have risen distinctly again.”

Asked why it appears those in the pet trade are able to command better salaries, Lynda explains: “The situation since March 2020 has had many repercussions. A number of established businesses have taken a strategic decision to concentrate on or strengthen their presence in the home market and recognised that to outpace increased competition they need to employ the very best people to represent them.

“Likewise, clever young companies coming into the pet industry understand they need to capitalise on the expertise and contacts of quality experienced staff so are prepared to pay well in order to hit the ground running and establish their presence.

“Just like many people in other trades, the changes due to Covid meant that existing field sales people paused to re-evaluate their careers. A number of senior or long serving staff members therefore decided to retire, seek to work part-time, or revert to a less senior role.  This has left a serious gap coinciding with fewer experienced people to fill it.

“At the same time, others who would at this stage in their careers have been seeking or considering a move to a senior role or to a preferable employer or brand have taken a ‘hunker down’ attitude due to perceived ongoing uncertain times and are less likely to make a move without an attractive incentive.

Lynda concludes: “The result is that salaries are on ‘reset’ with every business needing top talent and top talent able to command a more competitive recompense. No longer can an average basic salary plus promise of a big bonus attract good people – they understand their worth and so do serious employers.”

Lynda is always happy to personally advise on any aspects of recruitment and marketing strategy and can be contacted on 07946 743784 or at [email protected]