Forthglade aids customers in finding stockists


Forthglade is calling on independents to amplify store details on its website.

With dog owners stocking up on their pet’s meals and treats, but facing challenges on how to safely collect supplies, Forthglade is encouraging independent stockists of its food to ensure details are listed on its website on its ‘Trade Stockist’ page. The page, which has seen a substantial increase in traffic, not only helps customers find their nearest local pet shop, but can also include a store’s website detail, which can highlight accurate information on pick up or delivery options provided by shops, or stock levels.

Forthglade sales director James Kennedy said: “With an increase in web traffic at the moment, we’re keen for our customers to find their local Forthglade stockist with ease, and to learn more on each store’s pickup or delivery options available to customers across the UK. Stockists wishing to be added or looking to update their website details can forward the information via email ( Although the Forthglade sales team cannot come out on store visits at the moment, the team are contactable via email for any enquiries.

“We’re doing all we can to continue with a strong supply of Forthglade products to the independent pet trade, while ensuring the safety of our employees remains key. We appreciate the support from the independent pet shops during such a challenging time.”