King British builds pond for turtle sanctuary


A team from fish and reptile food manufacturer King British have helped build an extra pond for a turtle sanctuary as part of the #DonateADay scheme, run by its parent company Beaphar UK.

In April, members of the King British Team headed over to The National Turtle Sanctuary at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park – which is home to over 150 turtles of varying species – to help build its newest turtle pond.

The sanctuary now has seven ponds, with four more due for completion in June, which will provide accommodation for smaller turtle species, such as musk turtles, as well as provide housing for a number of turtles that form part of studies of cognitive behaviour in turtles by the University of Lincoln, another sanctuary supporter.

Andy Ferguson, herpetologist at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park and The National Turtle Sanctuary, said: “The team from King British were fabulous, they helped me create our largest training pond of over 7 metres by 6 metres. The team’s efforts have saved the sanctuary hundreds of pounds in labour for which we are extremely grateful.

“We have now installed the basking platforms and ramps, and have fitted all of the equipment from pumps to oxygenators. We are awaiting the electricians’ connection. Once running we will begin to plant and decorate ready for the new residents.”

The partnership between the National Turtle Sanctuary and King British started in 2019, with King British going on to run a hugely successful campaign in 2020, with 20p from every sale of its turtle food being donated towards the building of a turtle pod. The amount raised went further than imagined, with the sanctuary able to build an Acclimatisation Centre consisting of three ponds of varying depths. 

King British has continued to support the sanctuary with food donations for the turtles and the most recent visit to help build the new pond, and King British and Andy have teamed up to create a series of videos about key aspects of turtle care and popular species, helping to educate any current or future turtle owners about their needs. 

Vicky Le Fanu, marketing manager at King British, said: “Turtles make fascinating and rewarding pets, but people need to be aware of the commitment they are taking on. The National Turtle Sanctuary provides a safe haven for those turtles that, unfortunately, have been abandoned or rehomed by owners who were unable to provide the level of care required.

“Something both King British and The National Turtle Sanctuary are passionate about is educating owners, and creating accessible resources so that owners can truly understand exactly what is required from them to allow pet turtles to live healthy and happy lives, without them ending up in our waterways or places like the sanctuary.”

For more information about King British’s involvement with the sanctuary, visit and for more information on the National Turtle Sanctuary, visit