Natural Instinct announces partnership with Oxfordshire search dog charity


Premium raw pet food brand Natural Instinct is pleased to announce its partnership with Lowland Rescue, Oxfordshire.

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As part of its passion and commitment to healthy canines, Natural Instinct is working with Lowland Rescue, Oxfordshire in order to provide its search dogs with sustenance and their nutritional needs.

Lowland Rescue association is a charity and member of the UK Government’s UKSAR Operator’s Group, the official group which governs all of the UK’s onshore and offshore search and rescue operations. Its search dogs and their owners are a team of professional volunteers, who are on call 24/7 to search for high-risk vulnerable missing people, supporting the Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire’s vital public services in extreme circumstances.

Trained to national standards, and unlike Police dogs, all Lowland Rescue search dogs are pets first and trained as search dogs by their owners, who must be experienced Lowland Rescue team members. Training includes a strict assessment criteria and full commitment from their handler, which takes approximately 2 years. The search dogs can work in any environment, with three search disciplines in Oxfordshire: Air Scenting dogs that are non-scent specific in a given location, Ground Scenting dogs that are scent specific, using a missing person’s article of clothing and Drowned Victim Recovery dogs, that work on boats to locate the scent source of drowned people.

Natural Instinct provides meals to the fully trained and operational search dogs, ensuring canines receive healthy, nutritious and raw food to give them the sustenance required for them to perform at their best during their searches.

Dog handlers often recommend a raw diet for their pets due its health benefits and Natural Instinct customer reviews have often seen marked improvements with their pets’ bones, teeth, joints, muscles and immune systems, following a transition to a raw diet. Made from 100% British, human grade meat, ethically sourced fish and the freshest fruit and vegetables, Natural Instinct meals are a natural and healthy source of vitamins and minerals, without any artificial additives, colours, preservatives, fillers or grains.

Phil Keen, Managing Director of Natural Instinct says:

“At Natural Instinct, there are many charities that are close to our hearts. We are proud to support the invaluable work the incredible search dogs do by providing our healthy, raw and nutritious meals and treats.”

Julie Shepherd, Dog Unit Lead of Lowland Rescue says:

“Our partnership with Natural Instinct means everything to us! Providing wholesome and natural meals for our hard working pets has helped support us as volunteers and kept them very healthy and happy. The search dogs that have been feeding raw are loving their meals and treats.”