New directors join OATA Board 


And there is still one vacancy...

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Five new directors were welcomed to the OATA Board at the trade association’s Annual General Meeting which was held on 1 November.

Ben Bowles, of Pets at Home, Paul Hughes, of Advanced Aquarium Consulting, Phil Jones of Kingston Koi Company, Max Pedley of Ornamental Aquatics Wholesale, and Maurit s van de Pol of Aquadistri UK Ltd, will all now attend Board meetings, which take place four times a year. 

EcoMarines’ Laura Carlin officially started her two-year stint at the helm and Dr Donna Snellgrove, of Mars Petcare, takes on the incoming Vice Chair mantle. OATA also said goodbye to Ian Paton of Pets at Home and Pete Carey of CASCO who resigned prior to the AGM following changes of roles.

OATA Chief Executive Dominic Whitmee said: “It’s great to welcome new people to the Board and we look forward to hearing their perspectives in our discussions. We are incredibly lucky to have people who volunteer their time to help OATA and stay with us for a long time. Their hard work and commitment are much appreciated by the staff team.”

OATA’s Board of Directors is currently made up of 17 people who represent the whole of the industry, from wholesalers and manufacturers to importers and retailers. The complete OATA Board of Directors is now made up of: 

Ben Bowles, Pets at Home

Laura Carlin, EcoMarines

Robert Edgecock, Independent Aquatic Imports Ltd

Caroline Everett, Anglo Aquatic Plants Co Ltd

Neil Hardy, Neil Hardy Aquatica Ltd

Paul Hughes, Advanced Aquarium Consulting

Phil Jones, Kingston Koi Company

Simon Langdale, Maidenhead Aquatics

Philip Lawton, Kidsgrove Tropicals

Rob Peck, The Coral Centre

Max Pedley, Ornamental Aquatics Wholesale

Brian Schaff, TMC

Pete Smith, Aquasense (UK) Ltd

Dr Donna Snellgrove, Mars Petcare 

Matt Stevenson, Seneye

Maurits van de Pol, Aquadistri UK Ltd

Ben Windeatt, Pets Choice

There is still one vacancy on the Board, which is usually made up of 18 people. If you are interested in finding out more about what it takes to join the OATA board then you can join as an observer under the New Blood scheme. To find out more about what this involves call the OATA office on 07946 167121.