Over 200 dog walkers joined PAWD DRINKS for their launch event in Battersea Park


PAWD Drinks are a new range of functional liquid supplements

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Over 200 dog walkers from across London and the UK recently joined the founders of PAWD DRINKS, Rory Hanna and Archie Wilson, in Battersea Park for their launch event.

PAWD DRINKS is a new revolutionary and groundbreaking range of functional liquid supplements, scientifically crafted to target the common health issues faced by our beloved dogs. These innovative products are the result of extensive research and development by world-leading animal nutritionists including Dr. Farshad Goodarzi Boroojeni and are veterinary-approved. Each formula has been carefully crafted to not only address specific health concerns but also contribute to the overall well-being of our four-legged friends. 

The idea for the drinks came from Rory’s family dog, Scrumpy, a Jack Russell / Patterdale Terrier that lived to 17, and despite remaining fairly healthy and having a loving life, he did from time-to-time face common health issues prone to dogs such as arthritis and anxiety.

“Scrumpy refused to take pills however hard we tried to hide them in his food, and this put the idea into my head that there must be a better way to administer supplements” says Rory. “Liquids are the most efficient and effective way of transporting vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into a body, whether it is human or dog. The balance between food and drink in the human world is pretty even, whereas in the dog world, it is very uneven, and this needs to change!”

Visitors to the event were treated to a gentle walk around Battersea Park followed by a talk on the products by the two founders and the scientist behind the products. Samples of PAWD DRINKS were available to try and beverages of a more human nature were handed out to guests. The event then ended in The Lighthouse Pub in Battersea for a few nibbles.

 Founder Archie said: “We were totally over-whelmed when 200 people turned up to our launch with so many dogs! Launch Day couldn't have gone any better! Seeing so many dogs playing together and absolutely loving the product gave me and Rory unbelievable satisfaction! It's been a lot of trial and testing over the past few months but now we know the fun really starts! Production is now fully underway, we have had our first customers and we have launched a new website.”

PAWD DRINKS Joints has been formulated to address arthritis and joint mobility with up to 80% of all dogs suffering from some form of arthritis over the age of 8. PAWD DRINKS Joints contains natural ingredients, such as ginger and devil’s claw root to support joint mobility and can be used as a preventative supplement.

Studies also suggest that up to 70% of dogs exhibit anxiety-related behaviours at some point in their lives. This can be in the form of separation, social, travel or noise anxiety, with around 50% of dogs showing significant fear in response to thunder or fireworks. PAWD DRINKS Calming will help to relax and soothe your dog in any anxious situations.

PAWD DRINKS are pH neutral and contain no acidifiers or preservatives. They are easy to consume and administer and are fast and efficient. They provide full hydration for your dogs, contain 100% natural ingredients, are low cost per portion and are loved by dogs! What’s more to love?

For further information please visit: www.pawddrinks.com