Paleo Ridge refreshes Paleo Plus Range packaging


Paleo Ridge, the UK’s leading and most accredited producer of high-quality raw dog food, is refreshing its Paleo Plus range with brand new packaging across the entire line.

The updated design completes a refresh of all Paleo Ridge lines which began 18 months ago with the redesign of the Classic and DIY ranges.

Rolling out from January, the new Paleo Plus packaging features brighter colours and sharp patterns, creating a bold and eye-catching look which enhances the appeal of the range.

In line with Paleo Ridge’s commitment to minimising its impact on the environment, the new Paleo Plus packaging is fully recyclable. This follows last year’s achievement which saw Paleo Ridge reach the milestone of 98% of its packaging being recyclable or compostable.

The updated Paleo Plus packaging is more compact, reducing the materials used in packaging and makes the products easier to store for customers, retailers and whilst in transit. The reduced size of Paleo Plus packaging has the additional benefit of making this range more energy efficient to store as the products occupy less space in the freezer.

The Paleo Plus refresh also aligns the colours of each product with the wider Paleo Ridge portfolio, clearly communicating the main ingredients to shoppers, making the range easier to navigate. Carefully formulated using the latest scientific and nutritional research, the Paleo Plus range is 95% high-welfare meat, offal and bone, and 5% natural superfoods*.

The Paleo Plus range includes:

  • Paleo Plus Berry Good
  • Paleo Plus Totally Chicken
  • Paleo Plus Totally Duck
  • Paleo Plus Lamb & Mint
  • Paleo Plus Pork & Apple
  • Paleo Plus Special Diet
  • Paleo Plus Surf & Turf
  • Paleo Plus Turkey & Fish

*Paleo Plus Berry Good is a Superfood supplement and Paleo Plus Special Diet contains 80% meat and 20% superfoods, including added Carrot and Kale.

Commenting on the redesign, Will Green, Head of Sales and Marketing at Paleo Ridge, says, “We are delighted to be reinvigorating the Paleo Plus range with a bold, new packaging update. As the final Paleo Ridge line to undergo redesign following further updates in the last year and a half, Paleo Plus is a great range to boost the health and energy of all dogs. The refresh makes the range more appealing and is crucially more consumer-friendly, saving space and unnecessary packaging in its more compact new form.”