Purely Fish go green


Two years ago, Purely Fish, an international pet food brand with a range of 100% natural, British-made pet food products made from fish, was first launched.

As a depleting natural resource, Purely Fish was created as a way to use the parts of the fish that are not used for human consumption. In the UK, when fish are distributed, much of the fish is left over. Purely Fish take these leftovers, which are human-grade fish products and use them to create pet food, with the primary aim of reducing food wastage.

Fish is packed full of natural goodness and offers a whole host of health benefits, whether consumed by humans or animals. Purely Fish recognised this and now offers a full range of pet food products including treats, complementary wet food, toppers and raw food for both cats and dogs.

The products’ benefits include being:

  •  packed with naturally occurring omega 3 oils
  •  hypoallergenic
  •  gluten Free
  •  low in fat (whitefish products)
  •  good for coat and skin condition
  •  good for joint mobility and dental care
  •  good for digestion and gut health
  •  good for brain and eye development

Since its inception in 2017, Purely Fish has grown quickly, both across the UK and internationally. Purely Fish products are now sold by more than 60 stockists across the UK, in a combination of independent shops and larger retailers. Purely Fish also supply the UK’s leading wholesalers, which in turn, is helping the brand to reach thousands of new potential stockists.

Purely Fish also exports to many countries around the world, including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Poland and their latest international customer resides in Malta.