Royal Canin to launch new Sensory feline wet range


ROYAL CANIN® Sensory excites cats’ senses...

Royal Canin is introducing a new a feline wet range - Sensory - with three new sensorial stimulations of Smell, Taste and Feel developed to excite cats’ senses. The new range will launch throughout August and September.

The Sensory range was developed using the latest research from cat experts. Cats have an instinct for new experiences and diverse aromas, textures and tastes in their diet so Sensory mealtimes will not only be nutritious, but also sensorially rich, filled with novelty and discovery.

With over 600,000 new cats entering the market each year and three-quarters of cat owners mixed feeding with wet, the Sensory range represents a great opportunity to reach into the cat market. As part of a mixed feeding routine, Sensory can be fed alongside dry food from ROYAL CANIN® Exigent, Sensible, Outdoor, Fit and Indoor ranges.


Of all the senses, cats’ sense of smell is by far their most developed thanks to 200 million odour-sensitive cells – that’s up to 20 times better than a human. ROYAL CANIN® Sensory Smell formulas are crafted with an aromatic profile that is irresistible to cats’ highly sensitive sense of smell.


There’s a reason why cats won’t necessarily eat any food you place in front of them: they only have 470 taste buds whereas humans have over 9,000. This means they can be very selective in what they eat. ROYAL CANIN® Sensory Taste formulas are characterised by toasted, meaty and savoury sensations that stimulate cats’ unique sense of taste.


Cats paws, fur, and whiskers are touch sensitive. But the most receptive touch receptors are in their mouths, which plays a big role in deciding their food preference. ROYAL CANIN® Sensory Feel formulas are crafted with a unique thick gravy or strong jelly textures for a firm feel that lasts longer in cats’ mouths.

The three new varieties are available in boxes of 12 x 85g pouches in gravy or jelly, alongside side a 12-pouch gravy multipack with four of each of smell, taste and feel.

The Sensory range will be supported by extensive marketing including a large consumer sampling activation, a wide-reaching online presence and varied point-of-sale materials so pet owners are able to navigate the range easier on and off shelf.

Royal Canin Customer Marketing Lead Ben Hurley said, “Cats’ senses are their gateway to the world. How a cat’s sense of smell, taste, and touch are stimulated determines how they feel. Our feline experts researched cats’ senses and took what they learned to develop Sensory.”

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