Sweet Success for Feed Factors Ltd


4,500 Metric Tonnes (MT) of Sweet Potato Pellets were successfully discharged at the Port of Liverpool week commencing 29th March, the first time this product has been shipped to the UK in a bulk vessel.

Feed Factors specialises in trading, importing and distributing agricultural commodities with a particular focus on Sweet Potato Pellets, used in the production of grain-free pet food. 

The company is the largest importer of Sweet Potato Pellets in the UK. Its business model is to have substantial amounts of stock to cover logistical delays; 

‘Feed Factors’ policy is to never run out’. 

Commenting on the historic landing, Feed Factors’ Managing Director, Jason Hopkinson said, “The logistical disruption, brought about by container shortages in the far East, enabled us to use our freight expertise to transport our product via a bulk vessel. This is the first bulk vessel of a larger program, that will keep the UK and EU supplied”.

Why is sweet potato is essential for grain-free diets?

Sweet potatoes, are considered a superfood, thanks to their many health benefits. They’re loaded with beta carotene, which functions as an antioxidant and a rich source of vitamin A. It has a high 

Starch content which releases energy slowly, leaving our canine friends feeling full and satisfied for longer. 

Grain-free pet food is growing in popularity, and the inclusion of Sweet Potato is becoming an increasing part of the diet. Many dogs struggle with digestion on a grain based diet.  Sweet potato has been proven to help dogs with sensitivities. Other benefits include ‘Improved skin and coat condition’ and a ‘healthy digestive system’. 

‘We believe in strong, long term partnerships working closely with suppliers and serving the needs of our buyers.’