TRIXIE opens distribution centre for snacks and treats in the UK


TRIXIE have opened a new UK distribution unit for snacks and treats in Northampton. They tell us more here...

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TRIXIE opened a new distribution unit for snacks and treats in Northampton, UK on the 1st of June 2022. This is another milestone in the company's history as it continues to work alongside the head office and logistics centre in Tarp, Germany.

Volker Haak, TRIXIE CEO, stated "Following the establishment of TRIXIE UK Pet Products Limited in June 2021, this new building signifies a key development for our direct sales and underlines the importance of the UK market for us. TRIXIE is prepared to invest further to bring the standard of service for our customers back to pre-Brexit levels with a view to further improvements in delivery timescales following the challenges of the UK leaving the EU".

From 15th June 2022 snacks and treats will be shipped exclusively from the new distribution centre in Northampton, significantly reducing delivery times and lowering the minimum order value for orders in this category. Pet accessories will continue to be delivered from the main warehouse in Germany.

TRIXIE UK Pet Products Ltd.
WD Boxhub
Unit 7, Deer Park Rd
Moulton Park

Facts and figures:

  • 4,981 SQ FT (Total)
  • 3,846 (Ground Floor)
  • 1,135 (Mezzanine)
  • Storage of about 450 snacks and treats 

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