Unique halal pet food business eyes growth


Tiana Halal Pet Food has taken advantage of a gap in the market

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Manchester-based Tiana Halal Pet Food is poised to grow further after starting to secure deals with retailers in the North West.

Founded in 2020 by Pankaj Hurria, Tiana Halal Pet Food has taken advantage of a gap in the market, offering high-quality halal pet food products to the 500,000 or so Muslim cat owners across the UK. The business was established after Pankaj identified a gap in the market and used his decade of experience in the pet industry.

The business offers a range of halal cat food products including pouches, treats, and freeze-dried food. These products are available in a range of different meats including chicken, lamb, fish, and goat. Pankaj commented: “Cats are loving goat, it’s an innovation”.

After struggling to increase brand awareness, Pankaj secured investment from the British Business Bank’s Start Up Loan programme.

The investment helped the business to increase its stock and facilitate the demand it was facing. The funding has also supported the business in strengthening its marketing functions with increased capital and support. Tiana Halal Pet Food now plans to invest in further product development and increase its product range to add further premium options like venison.

Since securing the Start Up Loan, the business has secured a contract with one of the largest cash and carry stores in Blackburn and is looking to expand its products to more stores across the North West. 

Tiana Halal Pet Food has ambitious plans and is looking to increase its product lines to include a wider variety of products including pet shampoos. The business has also set its sights on international expansion, having already fulfilled orders from as far afield as Australia and South Africa.

Pankaj Hurria, founder of Tiana Halal Pet Food said: “I am extremely proud of what Tiana Halal Pet Food has achieved over the past few years. The Start Up Loan investment has allowed me to focus on growing the business, with increased capital for stock and product development and also set up our social media channels such as TikTok.

“I heard about Start Up Loans through the Pet Industry Federation and am so pleased I did. 

“The British Business Bank team made accessing funding an easy process – I've spent over ten years in the industry and their help, support, and advice has played a crucial part in helping Tiana Halal Pet Food achieve further growth. Having recently secured a deal with one of the largest cash and carries in Blackburn, I am excited to see what the business will achieve in the coming years. We already have enquiries and brand awareness all over the world so I’m excited to scale up my business over time.”

Dr Sophie Dale-Black, UK Network Director for the North of England, British Business Bank said: “Tiana Halal Pet food is a great example of a Northern business that has identified a gap in the market and turned the opportunity into a thriving business.

“The success that Pankaj and his team have achieved since securing the funding, with increased stock and marketing functions, shows the importance of programs like Start Up Loans in unlocking the potential of SMEs in the UK. I am excited to see the business continue to innovate within the pet food industry and achieve further success.”

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