Vital Pet Group’s focus on kindness


Vital Pet Group says its focus this month will be on kindness and reaching out a helping hand throughout the supply chain.

The company has already made a great start with its Lifeline Fund, which offers extended credit terms to retailers as they cope with the business implications of Coronavirus. The move is in response to the loyalty shown by its customers over the years and is Vital’s way of returning that loyalty. The company showcased its fantastic range of eco-friendly products, local sourcing and companies with a track record on corporate responsibility.

Vital produced its first top 10 list of eco products that are must-haves for pet product retailers. They range from products that reduce wastage, to those that give back to communities or don’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Many people have remarked upon how quickly wildlife habitats have been restored as more people stay indoors and pollution is reduced, during this pandemic. The company will also be sharing great ideas on its social media platforms and encouraging retailers to do the same to help the trade get through this difficult time. Vital is also extending an invitation to brands that would like to collaborate to fill portfolio gaps or who need structured support for future product launches.

Retailers can follow Vital on its social media platforms for the latest updates and are encouraged to share their own stories and ideas.