Wagit launches premium package for hospitality businesses to enhance dog-friendly credentials


Wagit has launched a premium package for hospitality businesses which are keen to promote and enhance their dog-friendly credentials.

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Image: Wagit founder Nadia Leguel.

The innovative site, which appeared on Dragon's Den, is a comprehensive database of dog friendly venues and services around the UK.

Wagit Premium, which launched this week, is a way for hospitality businesses to enjoy increased benefits of being part of the Wagit community, as well as a bespoke training course from the Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation iPET Network.

The Dogs in Hospitality course is a way for businesses to train their employees in welcoming dogs on site, understanding the advantages of becoming dog friendly, the preparation required to ensure the environment is safe, canine care and welfare and the challenges businesses may face.

The course involves, health and safety, legislation, biosecurity, environmental considerations and best practices with useful downloads to use to support the business.

As well as the benefits of Wagit membership and training, the Wagit premium package includes a PR boost from The Animal News Agency, the world's only animals-only news and PR service.

Nadia Leguel, founder of Wagit, said: "We are so excited to be bringing this kind of offer to hospitality businesses, giving them the support that they need in not only becoming dog friendly, but really thriving as a business.

"The Dogs in Hospitality course is tailored specifically for the needs of Wagit members, and is a great way for staff and business owners to become fully competent and confident in welcoming dogs.

"We are proud to be working with iPET Network, who are Ofqual regulated, and this course is of a very high standard.

"The Animal News Agency will then step in to give Wagit premium businesses a boost, by promoting their dog friendly credentials in the media, it is the perfect way to boost your dog-friendly brand."

Sarah Mackay and Fern Gresty, co-founders of iPET Network, said: "These kinds of collaborations are what iPET Network is all about. A business like Wagit is all about opening up to dogs in a confident, safe and responsible way, and offering the bespoke Dogs in Hospitality course is the perfect way to have an industry which can do this with ease."

Hayley O'Keeffe, director and founder of The Animal News Agency, added: "We are so excited to talk to businesses owners who are welcoming dogs, and finding out their unique and inspiring stories.

"This collaboration on Wagit premium is going to be such a positive boost for Wagit members, and how wonderful that it is female owned and run businesses that are doing it."

To find out more about Wagit and Wagit Premium go to www.wagit.uk