Wood Green and Burgess Pet Care in partnership for 2021 to feed pets in need


Cambridgeshire-based Wood Green, The Animals Charity has secured support from one of the UK’s leading pet food manufacturers, Burgess Pet Care, for the 12th year running.

Monthly donations of food for dogs and small pets will continue to ensure pets in the charity’s care receive a high quality diet, whilst allowing Wood Green to fund other areas of vital work and be there for more vulnerable pets and pet owners.

The partnership between Burgess Pet Care and Wood Green began in 2009 and has now been confirmed for 2021. With the support of Burgess Pet Care, Wood Green has been able to feed thousands of dogs and small pets over the years – including a group of 11 ferrets that an owner was no longer able to care for. Before coming to the charity’s centre, the mum, dad and nine babies under six months old had been living together in a small indoor cage.

Unfortunately, the ferrets’ health was not where it needed to be, and the babies were growing fast. With donations of Excel ferret food from Burgess, Wood Green had plenty of top-quality food to keep them well fed as they grew and were nursed back to health. When they were ready, Wood Green’s veterinary team neutered the ferrets to prevent more unexpected litters, and they all went on to loving new homes. 

Megan Errington, from Wood Green’s Corporate Fundraising team, said: “Being there for pets and pet owners means that, as a charity, we never know who will need our help next. Small pet owners, in particular, often come to us when breeding has become out of control and we take in large groups of pets at a time. Thanks to partners like Burgess Pet Care, we are well stocked and ready to respond to those in need of our services.” 

The partnership doesn’t end there. Wood Green is an active member of Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW), an annual campaign organised by Burgess Pet Care to improve the welfare of our much-loved pets. Sadly, there is a lack of understanding about rabbits’ needs, and many are not provided with a suitable diet, habitat or lifestyle. Together, Burgess Pet Care and Wood Green are changing that, alongside a number of other organisations dedicated to the health and wellbeing of pets.  

Wood Green is one of the biggest small animal charities in the country, as well as caring for and rehoming thousands of dogs and cats every year from two centres in Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. At any one time, the Small Pets team can be caring for up to 10 species – including rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters and mice – each with different requirements to keep them healthy and happy. Wood Green is also one of the only charities to offer a mixing service, whereby small animal owners can bring in their own pets to be matched with companions of the same species.

Holly Ackroyd at Burgess Pet Care said: “As a leading manufacturer of pet food, it’s only right that we do what we can to help charities like Wood Green. With our product range, and their expertise, we can make a big difference to the lives of dogs and small pets across the UK.”

Wood Green receives no government funding and relies entirely on the generosity of its supporters and partners in order to care for vulnerable pets. To find out more about supporting Wood Green through a corporate partnership, please contact their friendly team on [email protected] or visit woodgreen.org.uk.