Animology Launch Grooming Gift Sets and Exciting New Sprays


The sprays have launched in response to customer feedback

New product news from Animology...

Market-leading pet care brand, Animology have expanded their range of pet care products with three exciting new sprays and a range of grooming gift sets!

The brand has been a retailer and customer favourite since their launch in 2010, and is known for its function and performance led product range. The three new spray products enhance this range further and consist of Pre-Wash Fox Poo Spray, Derma Dog No Rinse Shampoo and Glossy Dog Conditioning Spray.

Pre-Wash Fox Poo Spray is a fast-acting deodoriser designed to break down the odour of nasty smells like fox poo before you’re able to get the dog in the bath.

Derma Dog No Rinse Shampoo is a fragrance free no rinse shampoo designed for use on dogs with sensitive skin so that their coat can be well cleansed without the need for a bath.

Glossy Dog Conditioning Spray is a leave-in conditioner designed to condition and add shine to a dog's coat. 

Gifts sets

In addition to these newly formulated products, Animology have also launched four stylish gift sets that create the perfect gift for pet parents for the festive season and occasions all year round, presented in a sleek gift box with open display windows for easy shopping by the customer.

The My First Puppy Pack is perfect for new puppy parents packed with customer favourites Puppy Love Shampoo, Mucky Pup No Rinse Shampoo Spray, and Puppy Powder Fragrance Spray with an RRP of £15.50.

The Stink Buster Gift Set is a duo set containing Deep Clean Shampoo and Stink Bomb Deodorising Spray, the ideal gift to leave a dog super clean and smelling amazing at RRP £10.50.

Another duo gift set is the Paws & Relax Gift Set, designed to pamper and calm pooches with Spa Day Shampoo and Paws & Relax Aromatherapy Spray — the perfect gift for those looking to give their pooch a spa like experience at RRP £10.50.

The final gift set in the range is Grooming Good, containing the grooming essentials to keep a dog in tip top shape from top to toe, this set contains Paws & Nose Balm, Clean Ears and Tear Stain Remover at RRP £14.50.

Julie Butcher, Marketing Director at Animology comments: “We’re delighted to bring these new products to market, the three new sprays were created on the back of customer feedback exploring what products they’d love to see in the range, so we’re really pleased to be able to fill the gaps for what our customers are looking for.”

“Humanisation has been a trend in the pet industry for many years and we’ve seen a huge increase in pet parents including their furry friends in celebrations and special occasions. Our new gift sets provide the perfect gifting opportunity for these customers to buy beautifully presented, quality gifts for their four-legged family members. The chic, timeless design means that, while these gift sets are great seasonal purchases for occasions like Christmas, they also have merit all year round for other occasions as well as offering a cost saving to the customer.”

To find out more about the new products and for stocking options contact [email protected]