Earth Animal Vegetarian Peanut Butter No-Hide® Chews    


Peanut Butter No-Hide Chews are a low-fat, low-calorie, vegetarian option for our four-legged friends. The sweet flavour delivers a delicious, long-lasting chewable bliss to dogs of all shapes and sizes.

As with all chews in the popular No-Hide® range, the new chews contain just seven simple, natural ingredients: brown rice flour, organic eggs, olive oil, pineapple stem, banana, and agar-agar (vegetable gelatine) — plus the new delicious Peanut Butter protein.

The chews are also completely free of animal hide, bleaches, and chemicals so pet parents can be happy knowing their much-loved pets are getting a nutritious and delicious experience every time.

The chews are already a huge hit in the US. With an RRP of just £3.99 for a small chew (average weight 34g), £7.99 for a medium chew (average weight 60g), and £11.99 for a large chew (average weight 99g), they are available to purchase now.

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No-Hide® Wholesome Chews are exclusively distributed in the UK by Pedigree Wholesale.