Explore the great outdoors with BBC deadly 60’s Steve Backshall


Join BAFTA-winning English naturalist and host of the iconic BBC show Deadly 60, Steve Backshall, as he teaches you mind-blowing and extraordinary facts about the great outdoors via online learning platform, Learning with Experts.

From meat-eating pandas to vicious insects which roast their predators, prepare to embark upon an eye-opening journey with the famous dangerous species expert. Whether you’re a keen nature enthusiast or looking to learn more about the wild world, with the guidance of the outdoors expert you’ll finish the online course with an enriched knowledge of some of the world’s most intriguing and deadly creatures, as well as a certificate accrediting your status as a Nature Knowledge Expert.

Available from July 27 on online learning platform, Learning with Experts, Steve’s course Nature Knowledge Expert will kick off with an introductory quiz at the start of each lesson to test your understanding of the great outdoors. From crocodiles and other impressive predators to the mythical unicorn, Steve will start the course by testing the realms of your deadly animal knowledge.

In the second lesson you will learn about the world’s deadliest and most fearful animal, the biggest birds, creepy crawlies, and the deepest, driest, coldest corners of the earth inhabited by some of these fascinating creatures.

The third lesson will take on a sociological aspect, as students learn about the democratic rules of the animal kingdom and how plants communicate.

Lesson four will cover all things aquatic as you dive headfirst into studying sea life.

The penultimate class goes cross-continental and Steve will discuss the phenomenon of migration as well as the animals which break the records for being the biggest and loudest beasts.

Finally, students will learn about lazy animals, those which take the longest journeys and outlive all the others — not to mention weird and wonderful ones which taste food with their feet.

Learning with Experts offers the opportunity to learn online from the top experts within their field from the comfort of your own home. Intimately sized classes of 20 help foster a sense of community, enabling you to interact with fellow students and chat about assignments as well as ensuring that you receive individual attention and support. The course completion rate at Learning with Experts is over 80%, compared to an average completion rate of online courses of just 20%.

Learning with Experts has two options for the course: £59 for Peer option and £179 for Expert option. Other Wellbeing courses on Learning with Experts include Val Edge Fitness with Val Edge and Living Longer Better by Sir Muir Gray. Visit www.learningwithexperts.com/wellbeing/courses/steve-backshall-nature-knowledge-expert for more information.