Swedencare UK have launched a new product to complement their existing ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Care Bones range.

A mini version for smaller and toy breeds. Unlike other dental chews on the market, the dental care bones contain the 100% natural and clinically proven ProDen PlaqueOff formula, as well as being available in two flavours – Vegetable Fusion and Blueberry.

The bones have been designed to work in two ways. Firstly, ingesting PlaqueOff helps to soften plaque and tartar systemically. Secondly, the bone is abrasive, helping to remove the plaque and tartar on the teeth. The Dental Bones have a multifaceted approach, helping as a prevention and a solution for poor oral hygiene.

Suitable for smaller breeds, a standard pack contains 20 bones. For best results, use in conjunction with your existing oral hygiene routine.

T: 0113 257 9776