Rockies' new Banana Flavoured Health Lick 


It’s time to go bananas...!

Rockies, the company known for its high-quality hard-pressed salt and health licks for horses and other animals, is delighted to welcome a new addition to the Flavoured Health Licks range: banana.

The block officially launched at BETA International 2023, picking up a highly commended award in New Product Awards, sponsored by Equestrian Trade News, in the Feed, Supplements and Forage category.

“We’re really delighted to launch this new product and were so excited to hear the positive feedback on the stand at BETA International,” said Apryl Biddle from Rockies. “Banana is a flavour that many horses love, and one that we found had great feedback when we were testing this new product in the field.”

The new Banana Flavoured Health Lick combines salt with minerals and trace elements to help support good health in horses and ponies. It’s free from molasses and sugar, making it suitable for horses who are not able to or shouldn’t consume calories in this way. The flavours make the licks appealing, with the in-built hardness helping to prevent excessive intake. What’s more, Flavoured Health Licks are very affordable and won’t crumble or melt like some other blocks. In addition, the exact composition of the block is known, as it is created to a specific recipe at Rockies’ Cheshire base.

Banana Flavoured Health Licks are available in 2kg blocks priced at around £5.50.

For more information, visit or for trade enquiries, call 01606 595022