King British help save the turtles with new campaign


King British has announced it will be adding their support to the new National Turtle Sanctuary as part of its next campaign.

The Lincolnshire-based manufacturer will be focusing on increasing awareness of responsible turtle care and raising funds for the sanctuary, which will be based at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

Dr Sue Huggett, business manager at King British, said: “We’re thrilled to be supporting the creation of the National Turtle Sanctuary, and working with Lincolnshire Wildlife Park and the other partners to build purpose-built turtle pods that will be a forever home for all those turtles and terrapins that unfortunately cannot stay with their owners any longer.

“While turtles can make wonderful pets, people often take them on without understanding their specific needs. This is why so many turtles end up being sent to rescue centres or are even released into the wild. We’re supporting the National Turtle Sanctuary, and encouraging retailers to do the same by providing help and advice to their customers to ensure turtles and terrapins living in the UK are properly cared for.”

The National Turtle Sanctuary is a collaboration between the National Centre for Reptile Welfare, Cold-Blooded Care and Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

As a charity, the National Turtle Sanctuary will be relying on support to make its vision a reality, and King British have put together a comprehensive campaign to encourage both retailers and consumers to get involved, including eye-catching in-store POS, and a high volume of press coverage and social media activity, which is guaranteed to attract the attention of consumers nationwide.